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Buddy Club E-Throttle Booster

The Buddy Club E-Throttle Booster is designed for vehicles with a Drive-by-Wire throttle system (DBW). This device helps alleviate throttle lag the DBW systems typically expierence. On the dyno, we have noticed that at full throttle on DBW systems, the throttle plate is not fully opened at 100% WOT(wide open throttle). Like a traditional "throttle cable" based system, when you floor the gas pedal, your throttle plate is opened 100%. On a DWB system, we are seeing a common percentage of 90-94% on WOT. This unit will correct this and allow you full potential for your DBW equipped vehicle. No more swapping back to a throttle cable based system. Don't go back in time, go forward with the Buddy Club E-Throttle Booster.


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