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Competition Clutch - Build Your Clutch & Flywheel Kit Special

Competition Clutch is the fastest growing clutch brand in the world! With the best materials and latest technological methods used to compose their products, Competition Clutch is your choice when it comes to putting the power to the ground and driveability. One of the stand-out features of a Competition Clutch is that they are very driveable, when compared to the competitor's clutch. Increases in torque capacity and extended life are two qualities of a Competition Clutch.

Inline Four is offering a "Build Your Own Clutch & Flywheel Kit" Special, so you can tailor a kit to suit your needs, and best of all...at a great price!

You can choose from Stage 2 or Stage 4 clutch kits and combine them with a 4140 forged chromoly lightweight steel 12 pound or ultra-lightweight 9 pound flywheel.

The best "bang for the buck" value for a street car is the Stage 2 clutch kits. This performance clutch kit is designed for the moderate enthusiast with considerable bolt-on modifications, to include 60-80 shots of nitrous. This unit is properly suited for aggressive street enthusiasm and moderate track use. The Stage 2 kit offers approximately 80% increase in torque capacity and extended life.

For those wanting a more penetrating engagement, yet want a driveable clutch, we suggest the Stage 4 clutch kit. Ceramics provide proven performance. This 6 pad assembly is manufactured with a double sprung, six rivet heavy duty hub carriage. This assembly allows for ease of gear transition and smoother take off. The Stage 4 kit is designed for street or track use for vehicles with a 150-300% increase in torque capacity. Suggested for vehicles with over 200 wheel horsepower and 150 ft. lbs. of torque.

From road racing and autocross, to drag racing and rally racing. Hill climbs and togue, Competition Clutch has what you need to stay ahead of the competition.

Choose your weapon!

Note: LW = lightweight flywheel - ULW = ultra-lightweight flywheel

Depending on your application, this special can save you $80.00 to $90.00 on average, when you take advantage of this special offer!


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