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Gear-X B-Series Long 1st Gear & Individual Gears

For those of you that would like to put together your own B-series close ratio gear set, these gears can be purchased individually.

The most popular gear is the Gear-X 3.077 Long 1st Gear. This first gear is used primarily for drag racing. The first gear is longer and allows you to launch in first and stay in first gear until you pass the 60 foot mark, before you slam second gear. This will allow you to obtain better 60 foot times.

The available ratios are as follows:

3.077 B series long 1st gear     GX-HO-1-3077
1.695 B series close 3rd gear     GX-HO-3-1696
1.652 B series close 3rd gear     GX-HO-3-1652
1.625 B series close 3rd gear     GX-HO-3-1625
1.385 B series close 4th gear     GX-HO-4-1385
1.296 B series close 4th gear     GX-HO-4-1296
1.210 B series close 5th gear     GX-HO-5-1210
1.140 B series close 5th gear     GX-HO-5-1140
1.033 B series close 5th gear     GX-HO-5-1033
1.000 B series close 5th gear     GX-HO-5-1000
0.98 B series close 5th gear     GX-HO-5-098

Once again, just to remind you, do not stress yourself out on picking the correct gears for your application. Many of these gears differ by just a tooth or so and the actual difference in speed may vary from 1-3 mph. Your final drive choice is more crucial.


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