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How did SPOON come about?
What is SPOON's car-building philosophy?
Why does SPOON build Honda cars?
We will answer these questions.

When the director of SPOON SPORTS, Tatsuru Ichishima, first entered the world of motor sports, his car, an N360, had steel wheels, bias tires and oil pressure-activated drum brakes. This was 30 years ago, in 1970. Even at that time testing was repeated time and time again in pursuit of an extra tenth of a second, and the struggle to be ever faster was no different from today.
A huge amount of mental and physical energy, time and money is spent in pursuit of just one tenth of a second. People outside the sport would probably think us foolish. In a rational society where the emphasis is on efficiency, our activities must seem terribly wasteful. On the other hand, if you ignore the question of efficiency, and put your heart and soul into the pursuit of that one goal "going faster" you begin to see that spending your life in this tough world is not such a bad idea.
"SPOON SPORTS carefully chooses cars with potential, and then makes those cars even better". An engine bursting with power, a smooth drive system, and supple suspension. SPOON SPORTS pours its heart and soul into achieving this goal, by developing high quality original parts such as the aluminum-opposed asymmetric 4-pod brake caliper.
A great car cannot be made by simply developing high quality parts. The mechanic's skill is vital in deciding what kind of parts should be matched with what kind of car. Moreover, even if those superior quality parts are well matched, it is in no way guaranteed that hopes will match expectations. The effort of a great number of people goes into the production and racing of a car. Without the blood, sweat and tears of such people, the production of a great car would not be anymore than a dream.
With 25 years of experience in racing, SPOON SPORTS believes that a good car is more than just a fast car. It should be comfortable, it should be fun and it should be well balanced... and of course it should be fast. This is what SPOON SPORTS considers a good car. We would like people to use our cars on the street as well as on the circuit. This is SPOON SPORTS' greatest hope. This is what SPOON SPORTS means by "Total technology" and "real comfort."

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